Ravintsara essential oil

Ravintsara essential oil is particularly indicated for ENT diseases (throat, nose, bronchial tubes), to stimulate the natural defences in periods when one feels weaker and in case of nervous and physical fatigue. Ravintsara essential oil is one of the major oils in aromatherapy.

Ravintsara, the antiviral essential oil

The ravintsara is a shrub that grows particularly in Madagascar and whose name literally means “good leaves” (ravina: leaf, tsara: good). The Malagasy have made it an emblem and use it to cure many ills. They consider its leaves as a panacea for all pains, of the body as well as of the spirit.
In Europe and elsewhere, ravintsara is much sought after for its antiviral properties. Indeed, its antiviral power is such that it does not let any virus pass through, a power reinforced by the essential oil of radiated eucalyptus and the essential oil of noble laurel.

The essential oil

The essential oil of Ravinstara gives a colourless or pale yellow oil with the very characteristic smell of camphor. It is an oil to have in your basic essential oil kit, especially in winter.
The actions of Ravintsara essential oil: cold, flu, fatigue…
The essential oil of Ravintsara will be used primarily for its antiviral properties, especially for the respiratory tract throat, bronchi, runny nose … It relieves cough and limits nasal discharge. It is very effective against herpes, whose healing process is accelerated, as well as for shingles.

Anti-infectious and natural antibiotic, it avoids cases of superinfection in case of viral disease. It stimulates immunity thanks to its action on the adrenal glands, essential organs of the immune response. In the event of a flu epidemic for example or when a member of the household is suffering from a viral disease, it is possible to take Ravintsara essential oil as a preventive measure.

It can be used quite easily for the whole family, even young children. However, for safety reasons, it should be avoided during the first trimester of pregnancy. It is recommended in cases of physical fatigue but also nervous. Neurotonic, it has an energizing action but it does not excite: it will be an essential oil that will be chosen especially in case of low morale, it helps to regain a good nervous balance and fight against depression. Free of toxicity it can be used even in babies and it does not irritate the skin.

The essential oil of ravintsara can be administered in several ways: respiratory, oral, cutaneous…

In case of bronchitis with a dry cough we can mix
– 1 drop of essential oil of cypress always green
– 1 drop of essential oil of eucalyptus radiation
– 1 drop of ravintasara essential oil
– 1 drop of niaouli essential oil
– 4 drops of calophylla vegetable oil

To be massaged on the chest and back, four times a day for ten days.

In case of bronchitis with a greasy cough:
– 1 drop of myrtle essential oil
– 1 drop of ravintsara essential oil
– 1 drop of fragrant innule
– 3 drops of calophylla vegetable oil
To be massaged on the chest and back, four times a day for ten days.

Or in equal parts diffusion (dry or wet cough)
– Essential oil of cypress
– Eucalyptus globule essential oil
– Essential oil of ravintsara

Influenza: in case of flu, ravintsara essential oil will be the reference oil. It can be applied alone on the lower back, spine and chest, 3 drops, 4 times a day. Internally, a drop of ravintsara essential oil in a teaspoon with honey or olive oil, 4 times a day.

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