Misconceptions about the Covid-19

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Since the development of the pandemic at the beginning of 2020, several rumours and misinformation have been circulating about Covid-19. Let’s shed some light on the preconceived ideas about this disease.


Does the sun protect me from Covid-19?

There are many rumours that exposure to the sun would help fight Covid-19. That is completely untrue. The facts show that regardless of climate and temperature, you can still get Covid-19. The proof is that there are cases of Covid-19 in tropical countries where the climate and the temperature is warm and the average temperature is around 25°C.

The data also show that the Covid-19 virus can spread very well in all parts of the world, even in hot or humid areas. Whether or not you are infected with this virus definitely does not depend on the climate of the region or country you are in.


Would a hot bath protect me from Covid-19?

No. Taking a hot bath will not raise your body temperature. Regardless of the temperature of the water in your bath, your normal body temperature will always be between 35°C and 37°C. Not only will you always be at risk of catching the virus, but you will also risk burning your skin if the bath is very hot.


If I continually take hot drinks, am I protected against Covid-19?

The answer is no. Since the beginning of the pandemic, many message chains have been circulating on social networks and on the net. Some claim that the virus would not tolerate temperatures above 26°C and that taking hot drinks would protect you. This received idea is false! The virus manages to develop rapidly in our bodies, where the normal temperature is 35 to 36°C.


Does drinking alcohol protect me from Covid-19?

No. Frequent or excessive alcohol consumption will not protect you from Covid-19. Excessive alcohol consumption can even be dangerous to your health, as it promotes the development of several diseases of varying degrees of severity, including cirrhosis of the liver.


Does spraying your body with alcohol or chlorine kill the coronavirus responsible for Covid-19?

The answer is no. It is true that solutions based on chlorine or alcohol are used to clean surfaces and prevent the spread of the virus. However, spraying alcohol or chlorine on the body would not allow you to kill a virus that is already present on your body. Spraying these substances on your body or clothing can even be harmful to your health, especially if the product comes into contact with your eyes and mouth. To protect yourself, the best option is to wash your hands frequently with soap and water or a hydro-alcoholic solution.


If I hold my breath for 10 seconds without coughing, I will not catch Covid-19?

No. Covid-19 is spread primarily through respiratory droplets from an infected person. Just because you can hold your breath for 10 seconds straight without feeling any discomfort doesn’t mean you’re immune to the virus. This breathing exercise will not prove anything. Besides, it can be dangerous. The best way to determine whether or not you are a carrier of the virus responsible for covid-19 is to perform a laboratory test.


Will a pneumonia vaccine protect me?

No. Just because one of the forms of Covid-19 aggravation is pneumonia does not mean that if you are vaccinated against pneumonia, you are spared. In fact, until we write a vaccine against covid-19 hasn’t been developed. Scientists around the world continue to research this. We must not forget that this virus is completely new and that it requires a vaccine that is suitable for it.

However, although vaccines against pneumonia or any other respiratory disease are not effective against coronavirus, it is strongly recommended that you get them to protect you from the possible complications of this disease attacking the respiratory system.


Can a hand dryer kill the nCov 2019 responsible for Covid-19?

No, the heat given off by the hand dryer cannot kill the Covid-19 virus. However, you can use the hand dryer to dry your hands after washing with soap and water.


Can the ultraviolet disinfection lamp kill the nCov?

Again, the answer is no. These lamps cannot be used to sterilise hands or any other part of the body for that matter. It should be remembered that exposure to UV radiation is dangerous to health. These rays can cause skin irritation.


Can sesame oil kill the nCov

No. Sesame oil won’t stop the new coronavirus from entering your body. On surfaces, chlorine and bleach-based disinfectants are recommended to remove the virus. On the skin, frequent hand washing will remove viruses.


Are N95 type face masks reusable?

Face masks, whether N95 or flat medical masks, are all single-use. They only protect you for a certain period of time. Once removed, they should not be reused. Brushing them with disinfectants will not make them sterile. To protect yourself, you must also remove the mask carefully. Your hands must not come into contact with the front of the mask. Once the mask has been removed and discarded, you should clean your hands with a hydroalcoholic gel or soap and water.


Is Covid-19 curable?

Yes. It is entirely curable from this coronavirus-related disease. In fact, most people with this disease are able to eliminate the virus on their own. Once symptoms appear, they must be treated quickly to avoid the development of complications. Catching this virus does not mean that you will keep it for life.


Can using saline solution to rinse your nose prevent ncov infection?

Rinsing your nose regularly with saline solution can help relieve the symptoms of the common cold. However, there is no evidence that it can prevent the development of respiratory infections. So far, there is therefore no concrete evidence to prove the effectiveness of this method in protecting against infection with the new coronavirus.


Can consuming garlic prevent Covid-19?

Garlic is a food with many virtues. Among other things, it has various antimicrobial properties. However, there is not yet any evidence that it is really effective in protecting against Covid-19.


Can a package from China contaminate me?

No. Studies have shown that the new coronavirus doesn’t survive long on surfaces. Receiving a package from China won’t necessarily expose you to the virus.


Can’t 5G phone networks spread Covid-19?

No. There’s no link between the quality of the phone network and the spread of Covid-19. The virus responsible for this disease does not circulate on mobile networks or radio waves. It’s spread by respiratory droplets ejected by an infected person or by touching a contaminated surface.


Are some people more susceptible to this disease than others?

Anyone, regardless of age, can get this disease. However, the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, asthma or heart disease are more likely to become seriously ill.


Are antibiotics effective in treating the infection?

No. This is a viral disease, so antibiotics will have no effect. Antibiotics were developed to fight bacterial diseases. However, if you are hospitalized, doctors will be able to give you antibiotics because the illness may be accompanied by a bacterial infection.


Are other medications recommended to prevent this disease?

To date, there are no specific medications recommended to prevent Coronavirus infection. Many clinical studies are underway to find a specific cure for this infection.[:fr]Depuis le développement de la pandémie au début de l’année 2020, plusieurs rumeurs et fausses informations circulent sur la Covid-19. Lumière sur les idées reçues sur cette maladie.