Katrafay essential oil (Katafray)

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Katrafay Madagascar

Katrafay (Cedrelopsis grevei), a shrub growing in the Malagasy forests, is often used for the construction of huts. But its reputation is mainly due to its bark, sold on the stalls of local markets in the form of pellets, and known for its phytotherapeutic virtues: pain, fatigue, rheumatism, sore throat, sexual asthenia, inflammation, skin problems … Back on this essential oil rather unknown.

The Katrafay (or Katafray)

Katrafay is a plant that grows on the island of Madagascar and is found nowhere else. The leaves and bark of Katrafay are widely used in the local pharmacopoeia. This shrub of the Laurel family, “Cedrelopsis greve”, has long been known for its healing properties. The inhabitants of the island tend to say that “the Chinese have ginseng, the Malagasy Katrafay” because it is considered an exceptional tonic.

Katafray grows in the dry forests of the southwest of the island. All the virtues of Katafray are found in its bark, and it is this part which is used in bath or infusion. It is also its bark which gives, after distillation, a liquid essential oil of light yellow to orange colour with a woody and wild scent. The biochemical composition of the essential oil is very original because it is mainly composed of sesquiterpene (60%), of which the only one ishwarane, and of courmarines, anti-inflammatory and analgesic.


Indications of the essential oil of Katafray

Katafray essential oil is fairly well tolerated and can be used both internally and externally. It will be used in particular on inflammation, pain, skin problems, after childbirth or allergies.
In case of fatigue
The Katafray has a toning and fortifying action and can be used in massage to dissipate fatigue. The essential oil of Katafray can be used in association with other essential oils diluted in organic vegetable oil.



Katrafay essential oil has an anti-inflammatory action and is particularly recommended in cases of rheumatism. Mix six drops of Katafray organic essential oil in 30 ml of vegetable oil and massage the painful areas several times a day.
Sore throat
In case of sore throat, put a drop of Katafray essential oil in a tablespoon of honey.


Skin allergies

The essential oil of Katafray is anti-histamine and anti-pruritic, which is why it is particularly found in the care to fight against eczema or psoriasis.
Here is a recipe here by Dominique Baudoux to treat eczema:

– Matricaria essential oil: 1 ml
– Spearmint essential oil: 1 ml
– Lemongrass essential oil: 1 ml
– Immortal essential oil: 1 ml
– Katafray Essential Oil: 1ml
– Vegetable oil of calendula: 10 ml
– Vegetable oil of calophylla: 5 ml
– Apricot kernel vegetable oil: 80 ml


Properties of Katafray essential oil

– Anti-inflammatory
– Invigorating
– Febrifuge
– Deworming
– Pest Control
– Healing
– Stomachic
– Aphrodisiac


Precautions to be taken

– For external use, dilute the essential oil in organic vegetable oil.
– For internal use, dilute it in vegetable oil or honey before absorbing it.
– Katafray essential oil is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
– Katafray essential oil is not recommended for children under six years old.
– Avoid prolonged use of this essential oil.

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