Eucalyptus radiata: 12 uses of this essential oil

Expectorant, the essential oil of radiated eucalyptus is traditionally used to clear the respiratory tract. Antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, this oil, with a very characteristic odor, both woody and sweet, will be your best ally to fight against the evils of winter. To keep in its basic kit essential oils for the whole family, with certain precautions however, like all essential oils.

The plant

It is found in Australia of course, but also in the regions bordering the Mediterranean, China and South Africa. Eucalyptus radiata (eucalyptus radiata) grows on drained soils in a temperate or subtropical climate. The trunk of the eucalyptus radiata is grey-blue in colour and its flowers are bluish-green. The aborigines in Australia used the leaves of Radiated Eucalyptus to heal their wounds.
Eucalyptus radiata essential oil is obtained by distilling its leaves and produces a colourless oil with an odour well known to those who have used balms to relieve the bronchial tubes.

Properties of the essential oil of eucalyptus radiata

Its properties:
– Anticatarrhal, expectorant.
– Antitussive
– Antiviral, immune stimulant
– Antibacterial
– Anti-inflammatory
– Energizing, neurotonic

12 benefits of the essential oil of eucalyptus radiated for health, skin and hair

1- Bronchitis

Eucalyptus essential oil is traditionally used to reduce the symptoms of bronchitis. A few drops of this EO diluted in organic vegetable oil to be massaged into the chest, back and throat.

2- Nasal congestion

You got a stuffy nose? For instant relief, put a few drops of radiated eucalyptus essential oil in a bowl of warm water and breathe.

3- Dental problems

Eucalyptus essential oil is naturally mentholated and quite camphorated to taste. However, its use is not limited to providing fresh breath. Its germicidal properties make it an excellent ally in the fight against dental problems. Eucalyptus essential oil is known to limit gum inflammation and fight against dental plaque.

4- Cooling

Yes, eucalyptus oil can even cool the body temperature. During the summer, it is not uncommon to get heat stroke. If you need to soothe your body and cool it down, simply place a few drops of the oil with peppermint oil in a bottle of water and spray over the entire body.

5- Coughing

Spread the oil throughout the room and massage into the feet, throat, back and chest for cough relief.

6- Winter Aches

Eucalyptus radiata essential oil is frequently used to combat flu and cold symptoms. You have a stuffy nose, difficulty breathing. Use a diffuser in your bedroom, about thirty minutes before going to sleep in order to enjoy the benefits of this essential oil during the night. You can also use it by inhalation.

7- Inflammation of the ear

The essential oil of eucalyptus is very effective against ear infections, especially in children. Never put the essential oil in the ear. You must massage the areas around it.

8- Kidney stones

The essential oil of radiated eucalyptus helps prevent kidney stones. It also helps to dissolve kidney stones. Massage three times a day on the painful area. (Do not dispense with a visit to the doctor).

9- Muscle pain

Eucalyptus is a natural painkiller. It also has anti-inflammatory properties making it a natural remedy for muscle pain. Massage the affected area with a few drops of oil.

10- Antiseptic

Eucalyptus is one of the best home remedies for superficial wounds. Eucalyptus contains cineole, a natural antiseptic, which allows it to treat many ailments. In contact with the air, it forms ozone and this ozone is an excellent antiseptic. The oil will be effective in the treatment of wounds, burns, cuts and scrapes. It can also be made into an ointment or ointment to be applied to insect bites.

11- Against intestinal germs

Eucalyptus essential oil is a natural dewormer. It destroys pathogenic germs in the intestine. It has been proven that a small amount of eucalyptus essential oil protects the body from microbes, bacteria and parasites. It is particularly useful for treating vulnerable parts of the body such as the intestines and colon.

12- Stimulates hair regrowth

Eucalyptus essential oil is a vasoconstrictor and promotes hair regrowth. A mixture of a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil in coconut oil or olive oil will bring shine, thickness and strength. It also soothes scalp irritations and itching. As this mixture is a little oily, we suggest you rub your scalp an hour before bathing or showering and wash your hair with your usual shampoo to remove any residue of the oil.

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