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This website is not the official website of Covid-Organics tambavy (herbal tea) from Madagascar.

We are a mixed Malagasy-American couple and we live in Florida (USA).

We see that Madagascar has a huge potential of plants (fruit trees, medicinal plants, endemic flowers, herbs, endemic trees etc.).

We are convinced that there are experts, scientific researchers, doctors and people who have the skills (herbalists, naturopaths, nutritionists, botanists, etc.) and who can exploit and put all this potentiality at the service of humanity, without destroying nature.

We have opened this website www.covid-organics.com to let the whole world know about this natural wealth of Madagascar and thus offer products from the Malagasy land.

We offer essential oils and other natural and organic products (wellness, food supplements, etc.) and as soon as possible Tambavy CVO or Covid-organics. Most of these products come from Madagascar.

We are firmly convinced that it is God who has provided the island of Madagascar with all this natural wealth. Let’s make it fruitful and let others benefit from it for their own good.

We are open to any form of partnership to make Madagascar and its natural and organic products known.

May God bless the Malagasy people, may God bless the American people and may God reveal Himself and bless those who seek Him with all their heart!

All information provided on the website www.covid-organics.com is for informational purposes only. They do not engage our responsibility because this information does not substitute in any case the opinion of a doctor. For any use of the products offered on this site (essential oils and others) for therapeutic purposes, please consult a medical professional.